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In the Hinterlands, there are plenty of places to find fine dining and entertainment. A stay at one of the hotels where they have a bar and restaurant usually comes with some type of evening entertainment. It may be a local singer, a DJ or perhaps even an international musician. You will have a lovely experience with local inspired songs and music.

In Glasshouse, the local taverns are the best places to go for food and wine and to be entertained by local folk. With the beautiful surroundings of the Glasshouse National Park, it’s such a picturesque place to be. Don’t forget the Wineries! Does an Irish Pub sound appealing? Or a German restaurant with great views, awesome food and entertainment? There are so many places in the Hinterlands to go for fine food, arts and crafts, and entertainment, you will want to stay longer.

The Hinterlands culture is so diverse with artists, crafters and musicians making this spectacular area their home. Exploring rural communities and all they have to offer is a great way to see their unique art and culture. Stay at a picturesque B&B as you tour the villages art and craft shops and rich farmlands. Discover local events, thriving markets filled with local art, art galleries tucked away in villages and so much more.

So many small villages in the Hinterland have diverse culture you won’t want to miss. Coramba is a historic village with wooden bollards along the main road, with cattle-branding irons that were used by local families. Stop at the beer garden and see the outstanding views from over the paddocks and rolling hills. Or, if you want to know more about the gold mining heritage, take a trip to the Orara Valley, filled with creeks that tell of long ago days and gold mining. The hinterlands are filled with lovely local art and the culture of so many others past and present. It’s a great place to explore.

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